Jag’s Trophies has been established since 1992.  This year we celebrate our 20th Anniversary.


We are located on A406 North Circular Road and we took over the business from ‘Bobby Droyes’ who was trading on Bowes Road for 35 years.  So there has been a trophy shop on Bowes Road for over 55 years.


Jag’s Trophies is in a prominent location with double fronted shop (1,000 sq. ft.) by the junction of Bowes Road and Brownlow Road/Powys Lane.  We pride ourselves in giving the widest choice to our customers with thousands of trophies on display to choose from, our range starts at 99p.  Our stockroom and workshop adds another 1,000 sq. ft of space.


Apart from trophies we have started from this year a wide range of personalised gifts, printed by digital printing – a process which gives a very fine detailed print on fabric, glass, wood, paper, marble, tiles, metal, leather etc. etc.  We believe we are the first and only owners of such digital printer in North London.


Please do browse through our website and if there is anything you need that is not on the website, please send us an email or cal us, and we will try our best to assist you.


N.B.  We do not have any branch or trade under any other name nor do we have any subsidiary.  Please do not be fooled by anyone who claims to be our associate.